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Simple Quilt Blocks to Make

I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Heading into the holiday rush you may not have a lot of time to unwind in your sewing room. So I thought I would share a few simple blocks to make to help you relieve stress in those stolen moments you do find time to play.

First the rail fence block is an easy block. Just strips sewn together. It makes a great leaders and enders block. Plus it’s a fun one to twist and turn to create multiple quilt layouts.

Another simple block is the basic four patch. Or take it a step further and make it a 16 patch. This tutorial shows how to make this scrappy block simply with layer cake squares.

Another variation of the four patch that is fairly simple to make is the pinwheel block. Just four half square triangles sewn together. I like the movement this scrap friendly block creates in a quilt. Learn to make this happy quilt block in my easy to follow video tutorial.

The nine patch is also an easy block to make. I prefer to strip piece mine. Then mix and match the units to make it super scrappy.

The plus block is a variation of the nine patch. It is also an easy make. As well as playing well with scraps. I prefer to use leftover jelly roll strips. Mostly because I have a bunch. Plus it saves me time in cutting. Learn how to make this classic block here.

My go to mindless blocks to make are string blocks. I like to use dryer sheets as a foundation and just grab and sew scraps from my random strips bin. Find that tutorial here.

I hope this gives you some quick ideas to use when you get to sneak a moment in your sewing room to play.

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  • Jenny Day says:

    Good. I have been wanting to make a quilt forever. This is easy and simple. I have a huge surger. Brand new. I paid a lot of money for it. Never used it. People are offering me like 100.00 to $250.00. Do you know of a web site I can put my machine up on.

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