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Five Carefree Summer Free form Quilting Blocks

Summer is the season I get the least amount of sewing time. So when a few moments present themselves I want something easy and fun. Free form quilting or a little wonky sewing is my go to summer sewing. It relaxes me. I find it easy to pick up and set down without forgetting what I’m doing or where I’m at. If you’re looking for a little creative play in the sewing room. Then here are five fun free form blocks to get you started.

First Free Form Block

One of my favorite mindless sewing free form blocks is the improv log cabin. Somehow I end up with a lot of random width strips. These carefree versions of the traditional log cabin make good use of those strips. I like to start with a common center to give the eye a place to rest and then get all scrappy. Or I go with a controlled color theme. Pull scrappy strips from a limited color pallet. Either way this is a fun way to spend a few moments in the sewing room.

Second Wonky Quilt Block

Wonky hearts are a fun way to while away a few captured moments this summer. They are quick and easy. Can be made in a variety of sizes. And look oh so cute. Crazy Love combines them with words and other wonky style hearts for a fun free form quilt. Use it as a starting point for your own wonky heart quilt.

Third Improv Block

Fun funky baskets with cute rickrack handles are great little scrap busters. Make a bunch the next time you find a few moments in your sewing room. Have fun playing with the size and shape of your baskets.

Fourth Free Form Block

Similar to the basket is the free form tree. My minimal waste method makes two trees at a time. Changing up the width and height of the stem will still give you two different trees. So if you don’t want any the same this method will still work for you. I combined these great little trees with some colorful yarn bomb trees and improv birds to create Enchanted Forest.

Fifth Wonky Block

I love to make wonky stars. I’ve made several quilts using this happy little block. Sparkle is one of those quilts. It makes a great baby quilt.

Looking for more ways to create carefree?  Try Aunt Em’s Sew Along Adventure. Click for details. 

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