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10 Projects for Your Smallest Scraps

I like to sort my scraps by color and size.  You can find my method here.  I find this helps me find and use my scraps.  I’ve done a post on using my scrappy chunks.  As well as a post on fabric strips.  Today my focus will be on my smallest scraps, namely crumbs.  These precious pieces cost just as much as your yardage. So don’t throw them away.  Even if you don’t use them.  You probably have a quilting friend that would love them.

My favorite way to use these tiny pieces is to make Crumb Fabric.  I find it relaxing and a great way to create unique and colorful fabric to use in my projects.  Use your crumb fabric to make ornaments or pincushions.

I also like to throw it on my AccuQuilt Go.  These fluttering Butterflies where made this way.  As well as this stain glassed carpenter’s wheel.

Another way to use crumb fabric is for reverse applique.  This method enables you to have a colorful unique motif without having to deal with all the seams.  The leaves in my  Blowin’ in the Wind quilt.  Found in my Crumb Quilt book, uses this method. 

In addition to making crumb fabric I use my crumbs for the star points on my wonky stars.  These little pieces also work well for other improv piecing.  Like the bird’s beaks and tree trunks in Enchanted Forest or the little houses in It Takes a Village.

Finally I like to use my smallest scraps for regular applique.  In addition to the family on It Takes a Village.  I also used these little bits for the children in Snips & Snails meet Sugar & Spice.  Those little pieces made the cutes clothing for my little people.

So don’t throw away your smallest scraps.  Use them to create great quilted projects.  Like this little bag I made for church.  First I made crumb fabric.  Next I quilted it.  Then sewed it up into a bag, using a bag I already had as a pattern.

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