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5 Scrappy Projects to Bust Your Scraps

It’s no secret I love to sew with my scraps. I keep my scraps sorted by size and color. This enables me to find what I’m looking for. It also keeps things from getting overwhelming. If you would like help taking the overwhelm out of your scraps bins. You’re welcome to see if my method might work you. Today I’d like to share a few projects to bust your scraps from what I call the chunks bins.

Chunks are scraps of fabric that are bigger than a charm square. But smaller than a fat quarter. Today I’d like to share a few projects to help use up the chunks in your scrap bins.

First I like to use my AccuQuilt Go to bust through scraps this size. It’s a fast and easy way to create something beautiful from your scraps. You can find my favorite scrap busting dies in this post. As well as use this post to discover some of the great scrappy blocks you can make with this method.

I used chunks from my scrap bins to create this disappearing four patch rainbow quilt. Learn how to make these blocks with this tutorial.

The Wonky Snowball is also a great way to use up your scrappy chunks. Click to find a tutorial for this improvisational block.

The rails in Twisting Rail fence are another fun way to use up chunks in your scrap bins. Learn how with this tutorial.

The larger squares in the 4 Ever Scrap Busting Block are also a good use of scrappy chunks.

I hope that gives you a good jumping off place to bust your scraps. Can’t wait to see what you create.

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